Close, but no cigar

The Demijohns bagged a brace of ‘winning draws’ in their double-header this weekend.

Saturday’s game against Phene Philanderers saw a swashbuckling opening partnership between Dyson and Darling, with the score racing to 134 for 0 off 20 overs. (And yes, they were batting).

The Demijohns drew their innings to a close on 215 for 8, and despite the best efforts of Jonny Golec (10-2-45-5), were unable to wrap up the Phene innings.

With Sunday came Salix, and a strange case of deja vu. This time it was a strong fourth wicket partnership between Bachelor and Adams that saw the Demijohns through to 231 for 5, before a Salix stonewall saw them through to the draw with three wickets in hand.

Demijohns v Phene Philanderers
St John’s College, Saturday 1 June 2019

Demijohns 215 for 8 dec (Dyson 64, Darling 62)
Phene Philanderers 163 for 7 (Golec 10-2-45-5)

Demijohns v Salix
St John’s College, Sunday 2 June 2019

Demijohns 231 for 5 dec (Bachelor 78, Adams 48)
Salix 130 for 7 (Ritter 5-1-19-3, Lucas 6-0-42-2)